Carolina Cavicchia

Talent Development Professional & Founder

I am a Talent development professional and coach, with over 15 years of experience in People, organisation and culture development, HR strategy, and Talent acquisition, in international and multicultural teams in the biotechnology and prestige sectors. 

I am also the founder of Human Sparkle. 

What drove and continues to drive my passion for people development is my interest in how behaviour, culture, motivation, and identity shape our ability to show competencies, skills, efficiency, and impact, in our relationship to others at the work environment. I never stop learning, both about foundational disciplines (psychology and sociology) and the latest techniques in leadership and human assets management. 

This interest in understanding individuals has played an important part in my professional achievements. I have been lucky to contribute to reaching impactful results in global complex cultural initiatives, aiming to adapt organisations and mindset to new and changing environments. I have implemented meaningful changes in organisations and processes, aiming at increasing performance, customer orientation, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing, to maximise individuals’ and teams’ ability to thrive in what they do. And, most importantly, it has led to building strong trust with my business stakeholders and partners. 

Human Sparkle is an incredible opportunity for me to share the expertise, experience and learnings I have accumulated throughout the years with more organisations who also believe in the power of individuals and teams. 

Carolina Cavicchia